The New ^Social^ Way To Play Bowls. Short, Sharp, Snappy!

JACK ATTACK @ Memorial Bowls Club, Alice Springs, Inc

SEASON 2 - 2017

Competition runs from SEPTEMBER 14th – NOVEMBER 30th
Thursday's 6-8pm (for 12 weeks)

PLAYERS:  You DO NOT have to play each week.
"We need 3 players to turn up each week for your team".

** IMPORTANT: "I'm sick can't make it this week we forfeit... DOESN'T WORK...."

You need a back up plan for IF and WHEN you can't make it, you have a friend to step in for the week.


This new second season for 2017, will feature:

  • Music to be updated lol
  • Notifications will be posted to facebook group. If you are unsure about anything ring David 0434 616 960. Facebook reaches most people quickly and cheaply. - https://www.facebook.com/groups/jackattackmemo
  • 12 Week Season (including a finals week)
  • The entire eleven (11) week season draw viewable each week.
  • The twelth and final Week will be finals week.
  • Ladder - If you finish in the top four teams, you will be required to play possibly two games the final night.
  • Team 1 Vs Team 4 & Team 2 Vs Team 3, even if you have played before.
  • The winner of these two games will play again following the first match for the grand final.
  • We encourage teams and players to hang around and cheer on those playing in the final and stay for a few drinks. If you need to leave after your game that will be fine.


The concept….

I would encourage you to watch the following YouTube video (1m38s):



Meet The New Bowls - YouTube video (1m47s):


Come down and have a go, or just relax under the Alice stars.

Everyone still gets two bowls. A game NOW only lasts 60 mins from start to finish. Teams alternate putting bowls down, but there is no order, anyone in your team can play a bowl, if it’s your teams turn.

We will have music playing, hits from all the eras, turning your bowls night into a fun social party.



“The New ^Social^ Way to Play Lawn Bowls. Short, Sharp, Snappy”

  • Team of 3, up to max of 6
  • Team Names: Represent your work place i.e. SDA Plumbing OR/ grab some friends and make your own team i.e Nek Minnit
  • FREE Sausage Sizzle each comp night
  • Prizes, Vouchers, Medallions, Trophies
  • Meat Raffles, Games & Music
  • It’s faster, easier & way more fun.
  • Ideal for beginners – any age - anyBODY!
  • Great for workmates – team building
  • PLAYERS:  You DO NOT have to play each week.
    "We need 3 players to turn up each week for your team".
    ** I'm sick can't make it this week we forfeit... doesnt work!
    You need a back up plan for IF and WHEN you can't make it, you have a friend to step in for the week.

  • More fun if you come every week, however we understand people go bush, work, family, blah blah blah. Just grab your Aunty, Nephew, Painter, Gardner, The Mailman, just get 3 people there each week so, the other team does not miss out on a game.

COST: Each team costs $300.00 to register. (Works out to be about $25/team/week i.e $8.50 each). No more fees to pay throughout the competition. We ask for money up front, so it means we are not having to collect and chase it each week, which means we have more time, to have fun.


Competition runs from SEPTEMBER 14th – NOVEMBER 30th, 2017

First 16 Teams to register will be given preference. To slow and you may miss out. Get in fast!



0. Your Captain only needs to register their details following the below information.

1. Add "David Knight 0434 616 960" to your contacts in your phone for safe keeping

2. Go to website jackattack.com.au/


4. Using Alice Springs Post Code “0870” and click “SEARCH”.

5. Click “JOIN”.  

6. Click Jack Attack - Team Entry - The Team Captain / Skip needs to complete details so we can stay in touch.

7. >>>>> Put your Business or TEAM NAME into "Company Box" <<<<<

8. When your details have been entered you will be asked to enter valid CREDIT CARD details to pay for your team. The beauty of this, you are not chasing money each week. Just turn up and enjoy!

9. Turn up with your team each week to socialise and have fun. Min 3 players, Max 5-6 players.


For More Information: www.memo.bowls.com.au and follow the links you can’t miss them.

David Knight 0434 616 960 or memobowls@gmail.com

Memorial Bowls Club, Todd St, Alice Springs

Rules @ http://jackattack.com.au/JA-Explained